Disnakertrans KSB Seriously Assessing PT. Sangati

Taliwang – Working schedule 10-2 or 70 working days and 14 days off which apllied in PT. Sangati Soerya Sejahtera, as a subcontractor company within the scope of PT. Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT), is being carried out a serious study by the Manpower and Transmigration Agency (Disnakertrans).

The study itself after the West Sumbawa Regency Manpower Office (KSB), received direct recognition from the company in the initial clarification carried out a few days ago. “We have received recognition from the company represented by Taufik A Prasetya as the project manager of the company,” said Tohirudin, SH, as chairman of Industrial Relations (HI) at the Manpower Office of KSB.

In that opportunity Tohir familiarly acknowledged, if the work schedule of 10-2 was regulated in Ministerial Regulation (Permen) of Manpower and Transmigration number: PER-15 / MEN / VII / 2005 concerning working time and rest in the general mining business sector in certain operating areas. “In principle, the work schedule that is implemented by the company is regulated in official regulations, namely the Ministry of Manpower’s Regulation,” he continued.

Tohir reminded that Article 2 of the Permen provides firmness that companies in the general mining sector, including supporting service companies that carry out activities in certain areas of operations, can apply work and rest times as stipulated in the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Decree No. KEP-234 / MEN / 2003, continuing the maximum work period. 10 consecutive weeks of work, with 2 weeks of rest and every 2 weeks in the work period given a rest day. “If the Permenakertrans is used as a reference, we can be sure that the work schedule is no problem,” he explained again.

In relation to the plan to conduct a review of the implementation of the work schedule, Tohir reminded that companies that can apply the maximum work schedule are only companies in the general mining sector or supporting service companies that conduct activities in certain areas of operations. “If PT. Sangati is not included in the criteria, so the KSB government can take a firm stance by asking to change its work schedule, “he said.

Another important thing conveyed by Tohir, the company seems to have violated Article 9 of the Ministerial Regulation 15, where there is an obligation of the company to report on the work schedule, even every three months must submit again for evaluation, whether the work schedule becomes a problem and adds to the accident work or vice versa. “The new company submits a report on the implementation of the work schedule after a problem occurs. It was recorded as an initial violation of the company, “he said.

Regarding the government’s attitude regarding the work schedule, he could not provide detailed information, considering the review process was underway. The Disnakertrans team will try to complete the study this week.**