Sri Mulyani : The Lombok-Sumbawa Earthquake Recovery Budget Is Already Available

Lombok Barat – In a series of visits by IMF Managing Director Ms. Christine Lagarde and her entourage in Guntur Macan Hamlet, Gunung Sari Subdistrict, West Lombok Regency this afternoon (8/10).

The Indonesian Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani explained to the Guntur Macan Hamlet community that the recovery budget (the Lombok-Sumbawa Earthquake) was already in place and would be allocated according to its category. Further explained, the category of recovery budget in question is severely damaged Rp. 50 million, moderately damaged Rp. 25 million and slightly damaged Rp. 10 million. “The government remains committed to continuing to assist earthquake victims, and the President has asked the Vice President to coordinate with affected areas and cross-ministerial coordination for handling both the Palu and NTB earthquakes,” said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani in front of Guntur Macan Hamlet residents.

Currently, he added, data collection continues to be carried out by verifying with accuracy and will be paid in stages. While related to the entry of the rainy season, temporary shelters will be made to meet temporary benefits for residents. Meanwhile, related to life insurance that is currently being questioned by the public. Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani explained that for a life guarantee of Rp. 10,000, it will only be given if residents have occupied permanent homes. “Related to this matter the Regional Government has made data and verified and will be coordinated with the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia,” he added.

Not to forget, the Minister of Finance also emphasized that the concern for Lombok was still full and remained accountable, because it would later be examined or audited. “It continues to pray for (the people of NTB) to keep having the spirit so they can rise again”, he explained. **