NTB Governor and KSB Regent Discuss Earthquake Problems

Taliwang – Governor of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Dr Ir Zulkieflimansyah, MSc visited the West Sumbawa Regency (KSB). The first working visit was coupled with a gathering to a number of points, including discussing the issue of earthquake handling with the KSB Regent, Dr. Ir H W Musyafirin, MM.

The series of visits itself began with the upcoming residence of the late H Iskandar Siraj to meet with his family. This is a form of motivation and support for the family. In that location, the Governor and the community held a dhikr and prayer together for the late H. Iskandar Siraj to be given the best place by Allah SWT.

After the evening prayer, the next Governor headed to the residence of the KSB Regent, Dr. Ir. H. W Musyafirin, M.M. The Governor was received by the Regent accompanied by the Deputy Regent, Regional Secretary, West Sumbawa Police Chief, Dandim 1628 / West Sumbawa, Head of Public Relations and Protocol, and PT. AMNT. During this meeting, the Governor and Regent discussed the efforts to accelerate the rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses of earthquake victims. The Regent suggested that if needed the Government could cooperate with the Bank in handling the reconstruction of the construction of houses for residents after the earthquake, the Regional Government was ready to bear the interest within the agreed period.

The Governor also responded positively to the proposal of the Regent and immediately contacted the Head of BNPB via his cellphone to convey the proposal of the KSB Regent to be considered by the Head of BNPB. In the conversation, the Head of BNPB also responded positively and said that the proposal was submitted to the President during a visit to Lombok. According to the plan, the President will visit Lombok on October 12, 2018. The Governor then advises the Regent to attend the President’s working visit to Lombok, then submit the proposal directly to Mr. Jokowi.

Besides giving a proposal, the Regent also asked the Governor about the clarity of the living allowance (Jadup) worth Rp. 10 thousand per day for three months, and a guarantee of replacing the contents of the house worth Rp. 3 million promised by the Indonesian Minister of Social Affairs. The governor through his cellphone immediately contacted the Minister of Social Affairs asking for an explanation regarding the Regent’s question. The Minister of Social Affairs responded positively to the Governor’s question which was proposed by the KSB Regent.

The governor asks how temporary shelters that have been built in West Sumbawa. Including whether or not people still live in refugee camps. The Regent answered, there were no temporary shelters built in KSB, but instead built permanent housing or permanent houses. Regarding the people who still live in tents, the Regent answered that there were still people, namely residents in Seteluk District, Poto Tano District and Tepas Sepakat Village, Brang Rea District. The Governor appreciated the post-earthquake handling in KSB which was so fast. It is also expected that residents who are still living in their tents will soon be built or repaired, so they can immediately return to their homes.

In addition to socializing to the homes of volunteers and discussing the problem of handling earthquakes, especially the acceleration of rehabilitation and reconstruction, the Governor also carried out morning prayers in congregation at the Himmatul Ummah Islamic Boarding School in Sapugara Bree Village, Brang Rea District, Tuesday (09/10/2018). After breakfast, the governor and his entourage returned to Mataram at 8:00 a.m. using sea plane.**/Hms