PPK Develops Market “Boosts” Partners for Acceleration

Taliwang – A number of projects in the West Sumbawa Regency (KSB) were halted during the earthquake that occurred several months ago, including the construction of markets in the Brang Ene sub-district and the Sekongkang sub-district market.

The cessation of the work had an impact on the lack of development volume, so that the Department of Cooperatives Industry and Trade (Koperindag) as the leading sector continued to encourage the acceleration of its development. “We have asked partners to continue the project which was halted due to the earthquake,” said Apriadi, SE as the Commitment Making Officer (PPK) of the market development project.

Boi’s statement is still familiar, before giving instructions to partners to continue their work, he had met with representatives of CV Karya Ikhtiar as executors. The meeting itself was to remind that it needed further acceleration of development, so that it could be completed according to the time of work stated in the contract. “We have reminded partners and will continue to boost until the project is complete,” he said.

Also acknowledged by Boi, before giving orders to partners to continue the project, he had conducted a full check on the volume of work that is currently available, especially to see the structure of the building directly. “It is certain that building construction is safe enough to be able to continue the work,” he explained.

For information, the government through the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) market of approximately Rp. 4 billion builds two market units. That is the market and the market in China. In addition, the fund was also used to increase the tambak sari market, Poto Tano District, seteluk market rehabilitation, Seteluk District and the Taliwang market rehabilitation, Taliwang District.

Apriadi added, specifically the two markets that were being built would accommodate large numbers of traders, both spice, meat traders and shopkeepers. This is a serious effort of the KSB government in accelerating the movement of the economy. **