INNOVATION Invite Teachers to Learn Together About Literacy in Clusters

Taliwang – Indonesian Innovation for School Children Institute (INNOVATION), which is a partnership program between the Australian and Indonesian governments in improving the quality of Indonesian children’s education inviting teachers to learn together about literacy. The activity itself was carried out in the Taliwang and Mati V group, Brang Ene.

Learning with the teacher representing the education unit in the cluster environment itself is planned to take place several times, because there are some material to be delivered. “The joint learning activities in the cluster will take place until April 2019, so that all material can be absorbed properly,” said Zulkarnain as District Innovator (DF) District of West Sumbawa Regency (KSB).

Zulkarnain said, his party deliberately took the location of joint learning in the cluster, because the activities carried out could be part of the Teacher Working Group (KKG) which had not been very active. “Teachers who are involved can feel they are participating in the GFC, but with the addition of knowledge about learning,” he explained.

Also reminded, the teachers involved in this activity were representatives of 17 schools, of which there were 10 schools in the 3 Taliwang cluster and 7 schools from the Brang Ene cluster. “Teachers who have the opportunity to attend training are class I, class II and Class III teachers,” he said.

In addition to providing knowledge to the early grade teachers, the Innovation team will also conduct student tests or knowledge tests for early grade students. The test is about letter recognition, knowing syllables and knowing words. “We will also conduct special tests for students. This was done to get data to increase students’ knowledge after the Innovation intervened in various programs, “he said.

Meanwhile Sudirman, MPd as the coordinator of the Regional Facilitators (Fasda) who were given the responsibility of providing training to teachers said, meetings with teachers at the cluster level had been implemented twice, so what was the material and why of literacy. “Our meeting with the teachers is quite long, considering the material presented is quite a lot,” he explained.

For the next meeting, the principal (Principal) of Lamuntet Elementary School admitted that there would be a discussion about the bigbook or ledger which is a learning medium for teachers towards students. Other material to be conveyed about phonological awareness, word reading, reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing skills. “Later there will be special material on gender and inclusion,” he said.**